MHF Committee

Festival Chair Person: Lee Anna Mullins

Committee Members:

Lee Adams

                                                            Tina Hogg                           Earl Johnson

Derek Barto

                                    Julie Hatton                         Scott Helle

Sally Barto

Robert Lewis

 Billy Brown

Tricia Lewis

Whitney Bentley

  Missy Matthews

Mendy Boggs

Angie Mullins

Chris Caudill
Charles Polly

Kyle Smith

Rachel Polly

Brittney Adams

Aaron Profitt

Connie Fields

 Kristie Profitt

Donnie Fields


 Junior committee members: Grant Barto, Laken Caudill, Brooke Saurer

Phillip Hampton


The Mountain Heritage Festival Committee is dedicating this event brochure to the memory of Carol Anne Litts, who served on this committee from 1994 until her death on July 15, 2014.Carol Anne Litts